Wednesday, May 23, 2012

PRADA Launched Pyramide Bags Series

Pyramide series launched recently by Prada, a new series of bags, will become a landmark works.

PRADA new Pyramide bag advertisement

This series of handbags use Prada traditional Saffinao leather. Prada Pyramide bags apply hot mould to highlight weaving effects and show more deep and three-dimensional shape by means of first coating and then polishing.
Selecting Saffiano leather interprets the determination that Prada aims to create a new shape logo. Though up and down in fashion field, Prada shall stay its original design concepts and re-innovate itself. Saffiano leather plays a important role in Prada's winning way, and is always loyal to the brand's tradition. At the same time, Saffiano is taken as a tool to create a new fashion image.
The unique metal clasp of the Pyramide bag interprets its own unique personality. Although the complex fabrication process, it definitely shows an extremely simple visual effects. The outer groove made of bended and welded silver is seamlessly embedded in the leather and forms a delicate embroider along with the sides of the handbag.


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