Monday, April 18, 2011

Burberry New Collection 2011:April Showers

Classic British super brand Burberry has just released brand new capsule collection named April Showers under their Burberry Brit label. The collection, for male men and female, includes fitted trench coats, polo shirts and dresses, padded jackets, "stowaway" windbreakers and accessories. The iconic Burberry house check is used in innovative ways on everything from umbrellas to wellington boots, and handbags to iPod cases. Splashes of bold primary colors abound.

When I look at this unexpectedly colourful selection of shots, I love these accessories of the April Collection. they are so amasing! and it will make a trend about the colorful selection soon1

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Replica Tiffany items strategies

Tiffany is a luxury after all, not every woman who admire tiffany in the heart can have them. So you can buy some replica tiffany items what design you love to fulfil with your affection for Tiffany Jewelry.

Currently,The statements of Tiffany replicas' grade are summed up :High simulation, A + (A special items)grade ,A grade , AB grade and B grade ,Tiffany Jewelry, but according to many manufacturers said that's not this argument at first, it is from many retailers, but in order to unified, now many manufacturers have also used along with this argument.Tiffany Jewelry, We compared with same product from different manufacturers,even product by marked with the same grade, its quality may be very different from each other, of course, Tiffany Jewelry,it can not be said that is manufacturers' deception, because there are not strict standards at all on this quality grading, Tiffany Jewelry,so we can just use it as a reference, so,seeing the genuine is the true knowledge and understanding.

Although this classification is not strict standards,There are certain common requirements in general . For the so-called high simulation, produced those refers to generally the tiffany authentic products as the model.

simulation degree can be reached 95% -98%, it is not any difference from those the genuine for stores' counter .Tiffany Jewelry,For the distinction of A + products, A products, AB products and B products , usually based on differences of simulation degree,LOGO crafts,weight and polishing degree to distinguish, Tiffany Jewelry,as to different specific requirements of above all these aspects,up to working hours and raw materials during production cost are very different, so the corresponding price also have a far different.Tiffany Jewelry,A + and high simulation are most suitable for exporting abroad, because technology requirements are relatively high, Tiffany Jewelry,the price will be relatively A product, AB products and product B is much higher. A grade, AB grade, and B grade are more suitable for naitonal selling,Tiffany Jewelry,the replicas in the market are almost AB grade and their prices are easier to be acceptable in the country.


Friday, April 1, 2011

Exhibition from Bulgari Serpenti collection

Bulgari Serpenti collection ,Design idea comes from the metaphorical meaning of the snake in the ancient civilization. Serpenti series showed a lot of inspiration from the snake's graceful shape, magnificent and beautiful work to regain the glory of the history of Bulgari cornerstone of design.

Bvlgari bangle

Bvlgari bracelet

Bvlgari ring