Thursday, July 21, 2011

PLUMES DE CHANEL : Charming Chanel Jewelry

The feather , elegance and full of gentle feathers brought wonderful inspirations for Miss Chanel. In 1910, when Miss Chanel appeared on magazine cover at first, A hat with colorful bird’s feather on her head became biggest highlight . At same year, she wore two Chanel works such as models to express Chanel’s charming : a hat with black feather decorated and a hat with white feathere .
From then on, the feather can be seen everywhere of Chanel. For example, in 1925 launched one luxuriant cloak, feather on the whole body from all precious birds, or act the plume of feather edge collarband and suit cuff in the 1960s. In the 1930s feather also gave a inspiration for cloth pattern, create the illusion also really three-dimensional visual effects.

In 1932, BIJOUX DE DIAMANTS Collection , Miss Chanel used the feather for its interpretation in her senior jewelry series , the feather as the one theme combination with the stars, the sun, bowknot etc were shown together . Feathers shine to appear on brooch stage : the natural and graceful beauty feather, to blend into brooch , spread with setting glittering and translucent diamonds . 

This jewelry had bold and avant-garde design , it can be free to match : can put it on your shoulder ; Can be used it as the dazzing and bright crown , also can put on your hat yourdress, give expression to Frescamente.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Tissot Classic Prince Timepieces in Pink Gold , Stepped in Legends

The source of inspiration
In 1916,A predominant diplomat in Russian bought a Tissot ‘banana’ shape watch , but Revolution broke out in 1917 , as the situation was lost control ,He made his best efforts to send this Tissot watch to maintain and to safekeep . and this story inspired the Tissot designers ,also became the source of inspiration for new Tissot Prince classic collection .Nowadays , Reissue of ‘banana’watch- Tissot Prince classic watch must be another handed down stepped in legends

A memory for design journey
Rectangular case of the new watch adopts the ‘banana’ shape as their famous ancestor. It curves around the wrist, mirroring the soft contours. The Art Deco theme embraces both the lines of the watch and the design of the swirling numbers, with their varying size cleverly fitting them into the dimensions of the slim, rectangular dial. A historical Tissot logo on the dial and delicate bleuté hands add touches of romantic nostalgia. Ensuring the seal of modernity, the new Tissot Classic Prince contains a Swiss made 17-jewel mechanical movement and is water resistant to a depth of 30 metres (100 feet).
Variations on a classics and fashion
The Tissot Classic Prince Diamonds frames a silver-coloured dial with 165 Top Wesselton VVS diamonds the total weight is 1.08 carat. Completing the classical trio is a Tissot Classic Prince with a black dial with or without diamonds. All models are attached securely to the wrist by a genuine crocodile leather strap in an up-to-the-minute shade of chocolate brown and with a stylish folding buckle. A finely textured crown represents a common signature of elegance on the watches. The new timepieces magically recapture the mood of a bygone age, in family heirlooms of the future.

Technical data
Made of Swiss , Mecaline 7 ETA 2660 Manually wind mechanical movement , 17 gems
Water resistant at 30 meters (100 feet).3 atmosphere
synthetic Crystal table mirror
18K pink gold case with diamonds or not  ,
Silvery Dial ,case inlaid 165 top Wesselton diamonds , Clarity Grade VVS , total weight 1.08 carat
Black Dial , case inlaid 61 top Wesselton diamonds , Clarity Grade VVS , total weight 0.4 carat

Friday, July 15, 2011

SAVE THE CHILDREN 1-band ring with black ceramic , Charity for Children

Bulgari announced Save the Children special silver ceremic B.zero1 ring is successful in saling , Bulgari has donated to Save the Children (a non-profit organization) over €11 million Euros , for approaching the brand’s €12 million Euros laid a good foundation.
Save the Children B.zero1 ceremic ring , which was launched and is available in Bulgari stores worldwide, authorized selected department stores, and on Bulgari’s e-commerce website (USA and Japan only) for €350 (about $370) each, of which €60 (about $75) will be donated to Save the Children.
Kudos to Bvlgari-Bvlgari for its contributions to neediest children around the world.With great success comes great responsibility. Bulgari definitely understand that social responsibility has to address issues of suffering and basic human rights.The charitable money from Bvlgari's donations will use to improve the poor children of 18 countries from all over the world : Albania, Afghanistan, Bosnia – Herzegovina, Brazil,China, Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Haiti, Indonesia, India, Italy, Montenegro, Japan, Kenya, Ivory Coast, Southern Sudan, Uganda and programs in the US .
No education  no development , Bulgari is committed to provide the opportunity for high-quality educations ,change children's life . as Bvlgari’s donations , Save the Children has helped the children to aid 228,472 , trained 5559 teachers , rebuilt and repaired 104 schools by December 2010 .
We salute you Bvlgari for your contributions and commend you to do even more.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Three Styles of Retro Bags Lead in Fashion

Fall and winter are the seasons of leading retro tide. The numerous of retro ideas affect the designers’minds : from recent times to the remote history , from the 1960s and 1970s to the Baroque, the Rococo and Edwardian Era .but next season the lastest fashional bags are full of retro elements .
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bucket Bag 2011
Bucket Bags
Bucket bags come back will not be the widest trend next season ,but with vigorous promotion by Chloé and Marc Jacobs , it is must be the most stylish fashionable bag .
Besides flat bottom and cylindraceous  shape , it can be hand-held or can combinate slender shoulder strap , it is quite suitable for girls like seventies country look this season .The latest interpretation and contrast color trend this season to mix  , such as Chloé .
Chloé Bucket Bag 2011
Box-type Bags
Another trend with almost can confirm the commercialization in the sixties is that boxy box-type bag will become the key single product next season . They look small and delicate, These bright pure colors coincided with 60's Pop Art style on the point . Hand-held is very important, of course, also strap can be extended any longer.
Loewe Box-style Bag
Elegant Lady Bags
With vigorous promotion by some designers, tide of 1930s , 1940s comes back to the stage again . Designers obsessed with images of elegant and graceful lady in the 30s and 40s movies in those years , no matter what is from subtle to the neutral appearance to the charming evening dress  and elegant daywear styles of Greta Garbo and Marlene Dietrich .
Fendi Lady Handbag 2011
And the minimal collocation is an elegant lady bag with it , its feature is that has formal style with neat buttons and antique lock and other details . granule dermatoglyph and leather to combine popular colours this season such as garnet , cognac brown and pale yellow and so on , then apply tortoise small accessories .  Inadvertently ,this bag reveals the lady style all .

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

LV Fall Winter 2011/2012 Ads

If you wear the uniform with pure color or dark color , which color of the accessories do you choose? absolutely handbag is your choice for its practical value and appreciate value. The bright color bags will become hot demands in dark and dreary days.
Let's we start to learn the collocation from Louis Vuitton 2011 ad .

LV handbags

LV handbags - 2

Saturday, July 9, 2011

One of Cartier classic bracelet collections

Cartier love bangle with screws. One of Cartier classic bracelet collection.
It has three colors : golden , silvery , rose golden(pink golden) .
Cartier love bangles are suitable for gift-giving , graduation gift to express love for females ; Precious metals inlaid stones;

Cartier love bangle with screw silver

Cartier love bangle with screw rose gold

Cartier love bangle with screw gold

Cartier love bangle with screw silver-2

Cartier love bangle with screw gold-2

Cartier love bangle with screw silver-3

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Reed Krakoff six iconic bag in necessary and practical

Reed Krakoff Cruise handbag Collection 2012 continued to go with classic brand model . With the simple hand-held, moderate size and classic style make female followed the fads be still in fashion and do not be too blatant . Whether to go to work or go for a holiday, this bag collection is a necessary and practical bag.

1 . Color combination design of naples yellow and cream, white three colors make the classic can reflect a comfortable and cool holiday even more .

2 . Classic brown leather handbag can couple with clothes no matter what color it is.

3 . The retro green handbag as if make us restore that time had elegant and slow pace .

4 . Crocodile texture handbag, classic and noble !

5 . Crocodile texture purse make the luxury show a simple aesthetic feeling .

6 . Sequins Messenger bag is so practical without losing individual style .