Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Paradise diving Holy Land: Maldives + Breitling Superocean Watches Collection

In 2011, Breitling launched new Superocean watch again with the innovative watch skills, extraordinary performance and new unique aesthetic design integrated together: super tough stainless steel casing with  screwing-type crown, one-way ratchet rotating bezel and thick double-size non-glare sapphire mirror, to ensure watch waterproof performance to 500 meters (1650 feet), 1500 meters (5000 feet), even 2000 meters (6600 feet); Rubber rubber and die-cut  stainless steel corrugated bezel, embedded dynamic digital time-scale on exquisite dial, Super-LumiNova Super luminous needle, bright clever use of color, all black dial form bright contrast, dynamic vitality, novel design; Part watch styles are equipped with safety relief valves, it can balance pressure between case inner and outer, safe and reliable.
Breitling Superocean Héritage collections include: Breitling Superocean Heritage 42; Breitling Superocean 44(2011 new); Breitling Superocean Chronograph Ⅱ(2011 new); Breitling Superocean GMT(2011 new); Breitling Superocean Heritage Chronographe. All watches collections are equipped with automatic mechanical movement by Switzerland official observatory authentication (COSC), brave the wind and waves in Maldives diving Holy Land, lead the fashion
Ancient Diving Holy Land: The Red Sea + Breitling Superocean Héritage WatchCome to so ancient beautiful and elegant Diving Holy Land, absolutely wear diving watch of the most lasting appeal, Breitling Superocean Héritage Watch. Breitling Superocean
Héritage after half as a replica classic Superocean watch half a century ago, design inspiration mostly comes from history watches collection with modern interpretation: embedded classic logo letter B in 18K gold 50s of the last century on dial, with classical triangle luminescent hours, to ensure that also can easily read in the dark; Rich dial bezel colors to chooce, gorgeous and brilliant; Stainless steel chain aslo inspired deeply from history watch styles, full retro flavor.
The retro looks also do not destroy its outstanding performance. Thanks to the latest Breitling cutting-edge technology, comes with 120 one-way ratchet rotating bezel, Water resistant to 200 meters (660 feet); Thick double-side non-glare sapphire mirror and automatic mechanical movement through COSC by Switzerland , solid and reliable, performance is remarkable, confidence with you jump into the depths of the ocean; More precise chronograph watches can be chosen.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Louis Vuitton Fall 2011 Handbags, Louis Vuitton Lockit handbags

Louis vuitton fall 2011 ads and fall 2011 bags have been launched. This series of all exhibit mysterious attraction of fashion and fetishes.
Lockit handbags founded in 1958, showed in low-key, but no doubt has become the finale. Lockit handbags and keys under the spotlight particularly eye-catching, have no idea what secrets hide in it? This season four handbags design to choose: Lockit handbags (match with cuff bracelet symbolized the hostess's fetishes), small size Lockit BB handbags, classic Lockit handbags and large size Lockit Voyage handbags recall the beginning of the portable bags collection. The most familiar Monogram canvas is re-interpreted, with luster dazzling bright patent leather, play between dumb light and shining. Make padlock the named from Lockit handbags packed in Monogram, key chain is compose with ivory resin, subtly compared and quietly presented.
The ad shoot of this season was by famous photogragher Steven Meisel, act by Zuzanna Bijoch,Daphne Groeneveld,Gertrud Hegelund,Nyasha Matonhodze,Ana's Pouliot and so on.
Louis Vuitton Handbags->
1|_ Louis Vuitton Monogram
1|_ Fashion Bags
1|_ Louis Vuitton Mahina
1|_ LV 2010 Spring Messager bag
1|_ LV Graffiti Canvas
1|_ Monogram Vernis
1|_ Monogram Denim
1|_ LV Monogram Canvas
1|_ Monogram Canvas
1|_ Damier Canvas
1|_ Damier Great Canvas
1|_ Monogram Multicolor
1|_ Louis Vuitton Taiga
1|_ other style

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Expose Bvlgari Le Gemme Luxury Sunglasses How to Produce

Le Gemme top class gem sunglasses series is made by Bvlgari and Italy Luxottica group cooperation, break boundry of accessories and jewelry industry, roll out subverts the traditional sunglasses and optical glasses products. The latest Le Gemme series is as a tribute to natural beauty and charm, sunglasses like the flower blossoms, made of delicate gold material and graceful gradual change color gems to become, to open new chapter of super high-end glasses market.
Behind of this series hides the desire to explore,  jewelry decoration is different from its harmonious colors and superb technologies, make people lost in it.
"The gem flower" harmonious changeful colors come up with dreamable sapphire, pearl, pink quartz and translucent agate, or with the amethyst, topaz, orange agate and hematite to create more vivid comparative color effects.
Bulgari center ensure LE GEMME series only used the purest, the most delicate cutting gems.
All metal accessories are in 18K gold, same standard and mancrafts completed according to senior. From the gold melting firstly...
Through the casting, cutting, sharpening, milling and boring hinge working procedures. the first part was born. Many operations need professional  process to work by hand.
Flawless products containing the infinite tough perseverance and to search for the details: a pair of customized glasses need about 40 gold pieces, 15 of them located on the glasses bridge and nose".
Women's series design in thin and brilliant gold bud, arouse the endless the spring in the air-filled.
Each frame is perfect accurate fusion of creation, crafts and technology. The inspiration Black or Havana cellulose acetate fiber is from the 1960s modelling of the gentle cat's eye sunglasses that was a hit.
Tapered design beamed from center to frame around,  it highlighted the extended modelling, and then converted to flexible glasses legs, bright colorful petals blooming glory.
Traditional handicraft and fashion design work together to promote the unique fusion of strength and charm. Advocate natural beauty, all show the best acting and the flower spirit.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Lastest Cariter Fine Jewelry, Legend, Nobleness and Mystery, Power

"legend, nobleness and mystery, power",  four independent of the world feminine style, unite in the Cartier fine jewelry collection together. With a group of female style pictures to show Cartier unique style on fine jewelry, and interprete of the contemporary women the most brilliant syle.
Legend-Too rare to reach fantasy

Legend, like pearls and jade, as time goes by, and sharpen out dazzing shine. The life of Duchess of Windso, deduced two words "legendary"   to get incisively and vividly, remained in history. Glaring Cartier new fine jewelry embellished neck ears side in emerald.  the whole series inlaid 926 pieces of bright diamonds, serve as a foil to 31pieces total weight 48.15 carat spacious emerald, whole modelling like go through time of the river, the , take up sun-moon essence and whisper legendary stylish and the best charming.
Nobleness-Royal style with immortal fame.

Nobleness, is not only from top position of the royal family, but also luxurious style penetrated behaviors, exquisite details. Against concise pure white dress, elegant breathtaking set to show the performance thoroughly. The model wears the latest Cartier jewelry jewelry, explained the female nobleness and elegance. Theire combinate essence of jewelry deisgn art. Cartier fine jewelry like waterfall fall off and shine the brilliant lights.necklace, a senior in medal 50.03-carat canary jing present royal honour gas. Rose type cutting, pillow type cut...... Advanced technology and clever idea will work with the improving of kadeya dripping wet, reveal the emperor's show jeweller, the emperor of the "homage position.

Mystery- The tentative choking beauty

Mystery beauty, like the peacock displayed its fine tail in the silence valley, multicolored charm released strong attraction. the model wears the latest Cartier fine jewelry, mysterious and attractive. the fine jewelry are blue like exotic seductive Sari, exaggerate wild eye shadow, smooth soft skin and tender lovely beauty, all are hidden in the half bright half dark, quietly sending out the seductive breath; and just the dazzling red lips and the glaring Cartier fine jewelry necklace, with 8 pieces of rare natural pearls and many pure diamonds sliced silent deep darkness, spoke out passion of women's heart were hot  completely. At this moment, the mysterious beauty makes us breath-hold your breath
Power-Earthquake grace of tolerance from heart

When the world no longer decline to men, The power of women extremely break out. So, arrogant, despising the forehead of all things look, self-confident determination posture, the model made us feel female masculine full of power. She is extremely attractive worn by the fine jewelry, 964 bright diamonds reveal stately majesty honor inner power.  Fine jewelry, is existing testimony to show their power on the world. In the glow of Cartier fine jewelry, women's power really shock acroo the heart.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dolce & Gabbana 2011 Fall Winter Women's Clothing Trends

Dolce & Gabbana Fall winter 2011 Women's Lookbooks: Cocktail collection, bright pattern, neutral look, leisure knitwear, cool coat...
Cocktail Collection
the necessary Dolce & Gabbana street 2011 fall winter women's coat, specially collect for you. it is not hard to see that leather and simular fur are key points in Dolce & Gabbana women's clothing lookbooks of this season, D & G fall winter 2011 collction is really indispensable single product in your closet !!!!! As Colours, earth tones is the mainstream in fall and winter, but dark red and soft nude colour are very distinctive choice.
knit goods
Style Coat
there is no more comfortable and warmer than knitwear in autumn, Dolce & Gabbana 2011 fall winter knitwear in Women's Clothing LOOK BOOK, Keep to ensure unique style you on the basis of leisure in comfortable warm. it is easy to find out if you observe careful , the trick is the collocation of relaxation, wide sweater with short skirt , shorts or tight pants, form effect of inverse letter A , or more tight knit coat with wide angle pants, and collect waist. wear personality by knitwear up to you how to match!!!!!
Cool Pants
All kinds of small formal attire, long skirt, and even pants outfit suit for cocktail , Dolce & Gabbana fall winter 2011 women's clothing is rich to choose, and they are most concise, but fabrics with luxuriant lace, leopard or pinpricks, and quite attract eyeball. Here are two sets of lace pants outfit in special chosen, don't need to appear must be in dress at cocktail, the lace pants outfit with a bit neutral, in fact it is also quite sexy place.
Bright Patterns
The eye-catching bright colors clearly dim down in fall, but Dolce & Gabbana fall winter 2011 women's lookbook always have many bright printed patterns to affect. Here is the collection of dazzling special clothes : the gorgeous patterns with tropical feeling; The pure color skirt outfit with high saturation...... Don't be afraid, put off immediately and make yourself become focus, in fact, that is very simple. Or enjoy to reverse holiday, to transform ourselves mood by changing season.
Neutral Effect
The neutral modelling in 2011 is still popular, neutral modelling in Dolce & Gabbana autumn winter 2011 women's clothing, rigorous, nifty, use silk and nets sox such feminine elements to create another neutral illusion, is worth learning and pondering. Whether wide men's coat, or small suit wiht close-fitting cutting, neutral modelling always has distinctive effect. In addition, maybe add some appropriate accessories to match, kind of like hat and gloves in lookbook, or high-heel shoes with water table bottom , they are good choices

Monday, September 5, 2011

Five of The Most Popular Cartier Watch Lines

Cartier, stands for exquisite and luxury, the indispensable luxury item on the desire list.Let's go back to 1847 years, a genius jewelry master Louis-Francois Cartier found his jewelry empire.After that, the great works of art from Cartier were competing wearing for European emperors, can be call "the Emperor's jeweler", the emperor among jewelers
Cartier First watch: Cariter first watch was born in 1904, named Santos, name from famous Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont as a "father of aviation " reputation. two years later, in 1906, Cartier launched the first jewelry watch. in 1910,Cartier designed ground-breaking wear method,fold-style buckle is its own unique technologies.

Cartier Tank watch: Cartier Tank launched in 1917 and got huge success,so far, it is already been the most successful style. Cartier Tank earned countless accolades in unique design, to a large extent affect design idea of other watch brands

Waterproof Watch: in 1933,a North Africa Morocco nobleman ordered a Cartier watch, he asked functions both swimming and telling time, so Cartier made his first waterproof watch. and it made of pure gold, the appearance is quite outstanding.

The following five series is the most popular among the numerous Cartier watches.
Cartier Tank

It comes from Louis Cartier was inspired west line tank during World War, and it is the best design of Military Aesthetics.

Cartier Tank leads a square watch fashion, its Innovation and excellent design earn everybody heart. Tank series has three different specification, and styling and appearance spead widely, include quartz watch and automatic mechanical watch, it almost became pronoun to Cartier and French elegant tradition
Pasha Waterproof

Pasha , it refers to senior officials' title of the Ottoman Empire and North Africa .the Morocco Pasha as is mentioned above had special requirements about swimming, it made Cariter create the waterproof series.

Tonneau, means barrel in english, it start to design for female, soon men also liked it. now it is already been Cartier Mainstream series
Bagnoire Oval

Baignoire, means bath in english, is symbol for exclusively female.Origin is the Duchess of Windsor had particular preference for the oval, So Cartier specially designed new oval watch for her

In 1992, Diabolo watch launched new style with Chrono Reflex movement, ater that, pen with this series highly sought after, as the factors of write properly and good looking.