Friday, June 8, 2012

Cute animal jewelry are on the way and say goodbye to the stereotypical modelling

Frogs, fish amd ladybugs make jewelry designer no longer rigid! Playing with your jewelry has never been taboo, even they are precious jewelry. If the crashing sound is bizarre, it would be more interesting. Using a piece of jewelry to impact the most rigid and classic styling will be a very tempting thing!

Frog Prince ring

 Cute zebra smelly fish earrings
Golden Duck diamond ring

Wearing crowned frog with emerald in your right wrist will obviously make you apart from those who wear the same blue pants suit and white shirt with you. At this point, it definitely show you are a creative person and pay more attention to dressing. You may choose fish-shaped earrings, ladybug-shaped pendant with light clothes to form a great contrast, which is taken as a positive, individual, and humorous symbol. These unique innovative design even attracts those who pay less attention to accessories or those who only love classic syles.

Crab-shaped jewelry accessories

Bright gold hedgehog-shaped ring

Turtle-shaped ring

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

CoCo Chanel's Lvory Tower——Rue Canbon 21st, Paris

No matter at that time or at present, Rue Canbon 21st of Chanel apartment has been the birthland of fashion, as well the place of spreading Chanel style.  Less than 100 years ago, Ms. Chanel owned her Ivory world where she never slept there and upstairs were her working office. Her favorite place was Ritz hotel at the opposite Rue Canbon.