Sunday, July 25, 2010

Patek Philippe launches imited edition watches Nautilus 5724G

Patek Philippe recently released Limited Edition watches Nautilus 5724G, the biggest feature of this watch is created by the 18K white gold, the ultimate luxury status, the watch is superb.

Dial location from 7 pm to 8 pm with a moon phase device bezel decorated with the total weight of about 8.31 carat of 50 square diamonds, Founder fortitude of the dial in to add a different facial expression, and lively to read when the time scale in different time to enjoy a different fun, more changes among the classic beauty.

The whole carvings and sections all come out of handwork, in the production process of the artistic and technical on the tabulation craftsmen bring great challenges, but also to experience the stunning collectors of fine taste.

Different from the past of traditional design, the new Nautilus watches timepieces complex series of case shape into slightly arched from the hinge design, bracelet also slightly adjusted the ratio to make bonding more smoothly, so that when the account the skin, the perfect ergonomic .

All watches case different from the past two-tier structure model, the evolution to the three-tier structure, and with a precious material and glass bottom cover screw crown, strengthened when the total solid durability; new folding buckle design, consists of three most of the combination of, with a new belt design, considerate fans to provide double protection for the table to ensure the security of joints.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Calibre de Cartier man watch

Cartier new series Calibre de Cartier watch is equipped with the 1904MC-type movement,bearing in mind that the originator of modern Watches Cartier in 1904 in the creation of the world's first watch,but full of ambition for the future;at the same time, the series lasted Cartier's modern design aesthetic, strength and beauty of a perfect balance reveals man masculine charm.Calibre de Cartier watch to watchmaking artistry of profound knowledge and exquisite design for perfect integration, confirms Cartier timeless watch. Needless to say, this series will become Santos,Tank, Ballon Bleu de Cartier Watch aficionados,Cartier another classic.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Montblanc New Young Meisterstück jewelry

Montblanc Men's Jewelry new member - Young Meisterstück series are appearance in July this year, the new series of stainless steel production, design pure simple, three-ring carving beautiful and detailed texture. It is pay a tribute to the king of pen--Meisterstück ink pen.

Young Meisterstück series temperament is elegant, it can add the perfect to the men a: for example, a round cuff links is in 3 rings motif , one is the pure stainless steel models, another is stainless steel design for the dark, glossy texture of the unique.

Design of Young Meisterstück leather bracelet is bold design and geometric lines is beautiful , focuses on the design of Meisterstück essence: rectangular is connected to woven leather strap that has a Art Deco feel,buckle surface engraved Montblanc star mark;star mark si born out of six glaciers of the first Europe peak--Mont Blanc.The latter is also the source of Montblanc brand name,the design theme of all Montblanc products are marked with the Star sign closely.

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Friday, July 9, 2010

Chanel Diving Timepieces J12

Starting from the sea, deep dive to the bottom. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the birth of Chanel J12 series, its first Diving Timepieces J12 Marine will appear in this month.

J12 Diving inspiration from the ocean, bezel black, white and blue three options, including the blue section to the black face plate with the same color as high-tech precision ceramic ring, is the brand for the first time the blue used in the high-tech Precision ceramic.White or black of face plate is respectively with blue pointer or digital to add sea wind.

Chanel J12 Marine sea Diving Timepieces, for the first time in the original black and white to add hi-tech precision ceramic blue outside, with 42mm and 38mm in two sizes.

J12 regatta that year history of the international award-winning yacht in the name, and now once again returns to Ocean Marine Diving. Both maintained the original design of this series, it has a professional diving watch features, including waterproof 300 meters, seismic resistant, waterproof, and anti-fog finish UV hollow rubber strap, allows more rapid drainage and smooth....

Unidirectional rotating bezel, pointer, scale and number 12 are three-dimensional fluorescent material taken to ensure that the dark deep sea can be clearly read the time. Mixing machine equipped with Swiss automatic movement, power reserve 42 hours.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tiffany New Blue Book luxury jewelry series

As for the showing top jewelry brands Tiffany outstanding tradition and the authority of the diamond design, the new 2010-2011 Blue Book luxury jewelry series will be in October 2010 in China shining appearance. This series of craft designed to reproduce natural wonders, is the art treasures jewelry industry. Them from the prestigious Tiffany Blue Box in the gorgeous appearance, so the whole world with admiration.

Tiffany's designers will be beautiful and elegant setting in the circular grid, pillow-shaped diamond necklace and olive. The center of this necklace is a 20.01 carat, D color, clarity to IF (internal no impurities) level of the diamond. Top diamond cutting technology creates an unparalleled Guanghua and charm.

On the base of the inlaid in custom Tiffany diamond likewise is bright. The diamond cutting experts and gem stylist elaborately this series, including 18.44 carat and 14.64 carat, clarity for IF (internal without impurities), D color bright diamonds.

Tiffany renowned international diamond contributed. Blue Book luxury jewelry series, this necklace made up of one 20.34 carat yellow diamond pendant, 37 Tiffany Legacy diamonds and 674 round diamonds that is in styel , yellow diamond pendant has a very high saturation , dispersion luminosity and brightness, are attracted to the Tiffany craftsmen another make.

Nature bears a lot of precious color stones, had been waiting for humans to explore, including the Kashmir produced sapphire. Since the late 19th century been discovered, it has been a jeweler who dream of treasure. Tiffany with drill string brights 1097 round into a necklace, set off a 28.01 karats of luxurious all-natural Kashmir sapphire, gorgeous,unique in the world.

The late 19th century-style jewelry leafy rosette is this exquisitely decorated with fine bay leaves and flowers of the earring prototype; butterfly theme in white diamonds and pink diamond brooch mounted on a possible re-interpretation; and decorative arts in the period of design inspiration inlaid diamond and sapphire bracelet reproduce streamlined style.
Since its inception in 1837, Tiffany on to produced the world's most beautiful diamonds known. These unique beautiful diamonds in the color, clarity and cut to the highest standards of workmanship are embedded in the base distribution of Ambilight refined, modern interpretation of luxury.
Blue Book Series luxury jewelry style design not only numerous, but each piece has demonstrated the world's top jewelry brands a unique tradition of excellence. Diligently pursue on the superb technology of the legendary Tiffany created, but also to each magnificent jewels highlight every detail of luxury, shine.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cartier 2010 Love series

Each year, Cartier and love the truth will be similar, the trend with its timeless classic series, knitting, or writing a new commitment to her and go for the close link between.

Love turned into a bracelet, as if stirring of the heart's voice: "How Far Would You Go For?"

Cartier screwdriver gently turn it gives the most satisfactory answer. This amazing gift of love, to dream quietly opened the door, the bright everlasting passion engraved; of course, it will lock into the classic love - Cartier LOVE series.

This year, Cartier LOVE series inspired again promoted, to inject new vitality. The new series of double-loop design gives more profound full-bodied essence of love, family and elegant pink or blue thread love the stunning revealed beyond doubt, colored gemstones more luxurious is the love of gorgeous singing loudly.

Simple Love - Summer Series bracelet

Yearning for peace and love, the trend in unique style bracelet elegant way to express the love of praise, and the couple's vows. The new bracelet series of summer, as always, gentle and mild meticulous, tells of love pure and stunning. Pink or blue elegant silk like rainbow bright colors surround the two wrist wipe the occasion during which the white K gold pendant ring adhering to the classic screw design and with two diamonds gleaming shine. The new series of summer bracelet with its simple style, a long pass on the love, trust and firm. This new blue summer bracelets for global edition of set limit to, and pink summer bracelets for China limited edition.

Love closely - double loop lasting series

Loop closely, as if you pull my hand tight with each other connected. Cartier double ring for the new series gives long-lasting stunning symbol: either necklace, bracelet, or earrings, the beauty and warmth have sincere love resides among the hand loop. Embodiment of interlocking commitments of love loop, such as fine punctuation, embedded whispered softly in love people.

Black high-tech precision ceramic and bright and sparkling diamond gold rose K clever integration, low-profile eye-catching gloss matt echoes, light and dark contrast, the deep flow freely cordial temperament; in sparkling diamonds and white K payment each other against the background, the double loop long-lasting series of exquisite shine, exudes the atmosphere.

True Color of Love - Color Stone Series

Love the rich and colorful, everyone takes the sidewalks. Color Stone Series for full expression of love true color, this series used the blue lines and delicate purple quality gems embedded in bracelets and rings on top, elegant genuine gem brilliant light flashing constantly. Charm of colorful stones like Wyatt a life of colorful moving images, light and interspersed between the clarity of platinum; this series shine like jewels in the wrist and the fingers of the wizard, always filled with love happiness and sweet, and long-lasting mapped out on the enjoyment of love and treasure.

Love is interlocking.Through simplified, make love abundance and colorful. With new series jewelry and you will love the kindness and love with dazzling illustrious career path.

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