Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Lastest Cariter Fine Jewelry, Legend, Nobleness and Mystery, Power

"legend, nobleness and mystery, power",  four independent of the world feminine style, unite in the Cartier fine jewelry collection together. With a group of female style pictures to show Cartier unique style on fine jewelry, and interprete of the contemporary women the most brilliant syle.
Legend-Too rare to reach fantasy

Legend, like pearls and jade, as time goes by, and sharpen out dazzing shine. The life of Duchess of Windso, deduced two words "legendary"   to get incisively and vividly, remained in history. Glaring Cartier new fine jewelry embellished neck ears side in emerald.  the whole series inlaid 926 pieces of bright diamonds, serve as a foil to 31pieces total weight 48.15 carat spacious emerald, whole modelling like go through time of the river, the , take up sun-moon essence and whisper legendary stylish and the best charming.
Nobleness-Royal style with immortal fame.

Nobleness, is not only from top position of the royal family, but also luxurious style penetrated behaviors, exquisite details. Against concise pure white dress, elegant breathtaking set to show the performance thoroughly. The model wears the latest Cartier jewelry jewelry, explained the female nobleness and elegance. Theire combinate essence of jewelry deisgn art. Cartier fine jewelry like waterfall fall off and shine the brilliant lights.necklace, a senior in medal 50.03-carat canary jing present royal honour gas. Rose type cutting, pillow type cut...... Advanced technology and clever idea will work with the improving of kadeya dripping wet, reveal the emperor's show jeweller, the emperor of the "homage position.

Mystery- The tentative choking beauty

Mystery beauty, like the peacock displayed its fine tail in the silence valley, multicolored charm released strong attraction. the model wears the latest Cartier fine jewelry, mysterious and attractive. the fine jewelry are blue like exotic seductive Sari, exaggerate wild eye shadow, smooth soft skin and tender lovely beauty, all are hidden in the half bright half dark, quietly sending out the seductive breath; and just the dazzling red lips and the glaring Cartier fine jewelry necklace, with 8 pieces of rare natural pearls and many pure diamonds sliced silent deep darkness, spoke out passion of women's heart were hot  completely. At this moment, the mysterious beauty makes us breath-hold your breath
Power-Earthquake grace of tolerance from heart

When the world no longer decline to men, The power of women extremely break out. So, arrogant, despising the forehead of all things look, self-confident determination posture, the model made us feel female masculine full of power. She is extremely attractive worn by the fine jewelry, 964 bright diamonds reveal stately majesty honor inner power.  Fine jewelry, is existing testimony to show their power on the world. In the glow of Cartier fine jewelry, women's power really shock acroo the heart.

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