Sunday, July 25, 2010

Patek Philippe launches imited edition watches Nautilus 5724G

Patek Philippe recently released Limited Edition watches Nautilus 5724G, the biggest feature of this watch is created by the 18K white gold, the ultimate luxury status, the watch is superb.

Dial location from 7 pm to 8 pm with a moon phase device bezel decorated with the total weight of about 8.31 carat of 50 square diamonds, Founder fortitude of the dial in to add a different facial expression, and lively to read when the time scale in different time to enjoy a different fun, more changes among the classic beauty.

The whole carvings and sections all come out of handwork, in the production process of the artistic and technical on the tabulation craftsmen bring great challenges, but also to experience the stunning collectors of fine taste.

Different from the past of traditional design, the new Nautilus watches timepieces complex series of case shape into slightly arched from the hinge design, bracelet also slightly adjusted the ratio to make bonding more smoothly, so that when the account the skin, the perfect ergonomic .

All watches case different from the past two-tier structure model, the evolution to the three-tier structure, and with a precious material and glass bottom cover screw crown, strengthened when the total solid durability; new folding buckle design, consists of three most of the combination of, with a new belt design, considerate fans to provide double protection for the table to ensure the security of joints.

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